Forget the tissues, grab a bucket.

A man wipes a tear from his face.
Photo by Stocksnap on Pixabay

6 Tearjerker Songs about Parenthood

1. Turn Around — Nanci Griffith

The tough times taught me how the ultimate beauty lies in the mundane.

A woman sits within the rays of a sunset.
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A picture of the author that has been rendered as a painting.
Photo courtesy of

How our daily commute sheds light on the metaphors of wind

A young boy pokes his head out of a car window.
Photo by Anton Luzhkovsky on Unsplash

Trying to make sense of our political world.

A girl takes duct tape off of her mouth.
Photo by Maria Krisanova on Unsplash

Controversy has never been my thing.

Then I became an official writer, and life spilled on the page.

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A Poem about the 50s, now, and living in the moment.

Inside a 50’s car.
Photo by Stephanie Valencia on Unsplash

A Love Poem

A white horse emerging from the darkness.
Photo by Tiago Almeida on Unsplash

My she shed (outdoor office)
My outdoor office in Ocala, FL. Photo by the author

Amanda Clark-Rudolph

Amanda is a work at home mama who contributes to various magazines and blogs. Contact her at for interview or blog articles.

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