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  • Julie Cohen

    Julie Cohen

    I’m a Sunday Times bestselling novelist and creative writing consultant. My latest novel is SPIRITED. Twitter: @julie_cohen

  • Mary Wise (she/her)

    Mary Wise (she/her)

    Poetry and personal stories from past lives. Writer, editor, teacher, photographer, and RN. I live in PA with my two children.

  • Rachel Walsh

    Rachel Walsh

    “The definition of greatness is to inspire the people next to you… It’s not something that lives and dies with one person.” — Kobe Bryant — I write to inspire.

  • Kiran K-Star

    Kiran K-Star

    I am an experienced writer who wants to inspire the world. Please join our newsletter: https://writeandinspire.substack.com/.

  • Simona Hostakova

    Simona Hostakova

    Writer | Content Marketing, SEO & Personal Development. Find out more at simonahostakova.com | Looking for writing jobs? Click here https://bit.ly/3sx3X3J

  • Britta C.

    Britta C.

    Introvert, wife, recovering insomniac, dog mom. Lover of personal stories and non-aggressive self improvement.

  • Jordan Yates

    Jordan Yates

    Mental Health Advocate | Writer | Aspiring Cat Lady | https://jordanyates.me/

  • Scot Butwell

    Scot Butwell

    Top Writer in Writing. Occasional memoirist. Neurodiverse dad. I write to grow and write on whatever subject interests me.

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