We are on the Same Cosmic Plane, You and I

A person looks up to the cosmic sky.
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

We are on the same cosmic plane,
You and I.
Containers of light —
energy colliding with the sun.

So, I ask you this:
Why complicate things, when the meaning is so simple?
Are you contributing or criticizing?
Understanding or judging?
Screaming or listening?
Hating or loving?

When will we realize that
we all look up to the same moon?
We all were born to track trajectories
to our true North?

We all want to feel accepted, safe, seen, and loved?

Why is it so difficult for some to see
that when we look beyond
our own prismed mirrors
to a fortress of our shared humanity,
PEACE becomes possible?



Amanda Clark-Rudolph

Amanda is a work at home mama who contributes to various magazines and blogs. Contact her at writeonfreelancingllc@gmail.com for interview or blog articles.